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Taking 3D Printing to a New Level

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3D printing has been a rapidly growing technology - creating parts for machines, cost efficient prototypes and artificial limbs.  Now the Dubai Future Foundation has gone a step further, creating an actual building using the technology.   The 2,600 square foot office is estimated to have reduced construction costs by 80% and construction waste by 60%.


The Sweet Sound of Gravitational Waves


 Astronomers and physicists are "over the moon," having finally detected gravitational waves originally predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916.  By capturing the auditory "chirp," astronomers are now able to add the equivalent of a soundtrack to their previously silent views of the sky and anticipate building a "soundtrack" over the next ten years or so.

New Elements Discovered

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On December 30, 2015, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry announced the addition of four new elements to the periodic table.  Their names and symbols have not yet been determined but their respective discoverers will have the right to make suggestions.  Read more about the discoveries at Student Science.

Hot Technologies for 2016

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As technologies shift from concept to implementation, they join the mainstream, integrating into daily life.  Bio-security and advanced materials are among the nine highlighted for 2016 in this Mashable article.

BNL's 2015 Top 10 Advances in Science

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Brookhaven National Laboratory announced its Top 10 Scientific Advancements for 2015 which include: the copying process of DNA, advances in operando science and new strategies to harness high-temperature superconductivity.  Visit BNL's Newsroom to read the full article.

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