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Fun Summer Science Projects


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Looking for some fun science projects to do over the summer?  Science Buddies has a list of over 1,100 projects, including those for families to try.  They've hand picked a list of colorful science projects specifically for summer.

Hydraulic Arm Project

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This project, for grades 6 - 8, requires students to build an arm capable of lifting and moving an empty 12 oz. can utilizing hydraulics.  Following the engineering design process, the students will break into three groups: the hand, the arm and the base, completing the project over 4-5 class periods.

Learn more about this project, including materials and applicable standards.


The 2015 Flame Challenge is Looking for Student Judges

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Teachers of 11 year olds are invited to sign their classes up to judge scientists' explanations of this year's Flame Challenge: 'What is Sleep?'

Scientists are required to submit their entries by February 13, 2015.  Written submissions must be less than 300 words and videos less than five minutes, or as a graphic in English.

These entries will be reviewed and passed along to the student judges who will judge the submissions from mid-February through mid-April.  Finalists will be chosen and the student judges will then vote for their favorite. The winners will be announced at the World Science Festival in early June.

For more information and to register your class, visit the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University.  February 27, 2015 is the last day for schools to register.

Ideas for Your Next Science Project

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Looking for ideas for a science fair project? Check out Brandi Jordan's list of websites that offer free resources on Really Good Stuff's blog.  Suggestions include ways to make an experiment easier or more advanced, depending on grade level, resources for parents and more!


Fun Science and Technology for Kids

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